YASHIMA Export & Import Co., Ltd. is a trading company.We provide not only products but also technical services to our customers.

Yashima Export & Import Co., Ltd.

Our Business

Our Business

Gas Analyzer

  • Servomex Group Ltd. (U.K.) - Oxygen Analyzer, Infrared Analyzer, Monitor of Nitrogen in Argon, Total Hydrocarbons Detector
  • MOCON Europe A/S (Denmark) - Head Space Gas Analyzer
  • H2Scan Corporation (U.S.A.) - Hydrogen Leak Detection, Hydrogen Gas Measurement
  • APPLIED ANALYTICS, Inc. (U.S.A.) - Tail Gas Analyzer, Process Analyzer (UV-Visible)
  • MANALYTICAL (U.K.) - Moisture Analyzer
  • THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC (U.S.A.)- Mass Spectrometer
  • AppliTek (Belgium) - Analytical Technology for Chlor - alkali Industry
  • MKS Japan - Hydrocarbon Analyzer

Test Equipment

  • Systech Instruments (U.K.) - Water Vapor Permeability Tester
  • THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC (U.S.A.) - Sulfur Online Analyzer , Total Sulfer Analyzer
  • PAC (U.S.A.) - Physical Property online Analyzers
  • Yashima Export & Import Co., Ltd. - CO2 Analyzer for Beverage
  • ST Japan Inc. - Portable FT - IR


  • Ametek Denmark A/S (Denmark) - Temperature/Pressure Calibrator
  • MOCON Europe A/S (Denmark) - Gas Mixture
  • VEGA Americas, Inc. (U.S.A.) - Level Radiation Detector
  • Solartron Metrology(U.K.) - gauge Probes, LVDT Position Transduvers
  • Yashio Electric Co., Ltd. (Japan) - Event Recorder, Fault Recorder
  • Nishimu Electric Industries (Japan) - Salt Meter

Flow Control

  • Badger Meter Inc. (U.S.A.) - Research Control Valve
  • GO Regulator Inc. (U.S.A.) - Pressure Regulator
  • VERSA Products Co. (U.S.A.) - Solenoid Valve, Pilot Valve
  • Dovianus (Netherland) - Dopak Process Sampler
  • TaeChin SMET Corporation (Korea) - Py-Gas Sample Conditioner
  • Equilibar (U.S.A.) - Back Pressure Regulator


  • Komatsu Electric Industry Co., Ltd. (Japan) - Automatic High-Speed Sheet Shutter
  • Tsukishima Kankyo Engineering Ltd. (Japan) - Plastic Tower Packing (Tellerette)
  • Nippon FRP Co., Ltd. (Japan) - FRP Products
  • Hansaloy Corporation (U.S.A.) - Band / Reciprocating Blade for Breads
  • SEICO HEIZUNGEN GmbH - Heating Oil Control System

Yokogawa Electric Corporation

  • Recorder, IT Controler, Field Equipment, DCS, STARDOM, Software (YYS)